How much does an EV conversion cost?

The cost depends on a number of factors including: battery range, performance an add on's like power steering, air conditioning etc.  As a general rule it will cost between £30K and £60K.  You will need to provide the vehicle and carry out any body/chassis repairs and ensure the braking and suspension systems are suitable.

Can you convert my vehicle?

We are a TRADE ONLY component sales business and do not convert vehicles.  We can send you details of convertors/installers who specialise in the type of vehicle you are aiming to convert. Send us a message at [email protected]

Can I convert a Car to Electric?

We can give you a UK answer to that. Vehicles newer than 2001 are not able to change their engine type on the log book therefore all Tax and ULEZ charges will be chargeable. For other regions you will need to consider local laws and regulations.

What is the best way to get into the rapidly expanding EV Conversion market?

The best way to enter the market is to start with a vehicle that you are very familiar with and that we have a kit for.  Our Car Kits come with free training and telephone support.  When the first conversion is complete we are confident you will be in a position to modify our standard designs to meet your customer needs.

How do I get help and support for the Parts that I Purchase?

On the website you will find specifications, drawings and CAD drawings (where we have them).  We can also arrange for one of our engineers that use the products to call you.  Feel free to contact us at: [email protected].